«In the early nineties, when Pat's pencil suddenly turned into a magic wand, he decided once and for all to pack in his learned profession.

He has been doing magic ever since, becoming increasingly successful ... and has never looked back ...»
His magic should be described less along the lines of pulling a rabbit out of a hat, but more in the sense of something happening completely unexpectedly.

The magic just happens “off-hand“ i.e. when the audience is least expecting it – almost by chance. All this is presented with a pinch of salt and combined with a large helping of joie de vivre naturally inherent in each performance.

Studied magic at Zurich Magic School
Ilg School of Mime & Theater
Further study at New York's Mystery School
Prize of Merit at Magic Hands Convention, Germany 1988
Best Close-up Magician at Swiss Magical Championships in 1993 and 1996
“World Champion General Magic” and awarded for “Most Original Act” at World Championship of Magic 2003
“Prix d'Originalité” Monte Carlo Magic Stars, presented by Lido Paris

Show can be performed in English, German and Swiss-German.

Since 2015 Pat Perry runs his own theatre in Zurich. At the CLOSE he surprises the audience with worldwide unique illusions. Infos & Tickets avalable at CLOSE-Website.



«The members of the audience could not believe their eyes – the magic of Pat Perry.»
Sonntags Zeitung

«Competent, modern and unique!»
Tagblatt der Stadt Zürich

«So not underestimate his talent and sleight of hand. One gasps in amazement, gives in to the illusion and leaves aside any worries one may have.»
Basler Zeitung

«At every Magic World Championship, there is an Act that everyone talks about. The entry of Pat Perry & Archibald from Switzerland was it! ...
A wonderfully strange bit of stagecraft that received a standing ovation, as well as the first price in General Magic.»
MAGIC Magazine, Las Vegas

«Magician Pat Perry doesn't need aces hidden up his sleeves (which incidentally he keeps rolled up at all times) and rabbits in hats in order to astound his audience.
Instead, he accompanies his audience into a world of illusion for a short while and leaves them mystified with his very unique brand of table (close-up) magic.»
Zürichsee Zeitung

«.. has shown on numerous occasions and in front of an audience of peers at the Swiss Magic Championships that his brand of unobtrusive magic works well. It even won him first prize in two of the categories!»
Anzeiger von Uster

«Pat Perry & Archibald, eux apportent un courant d’air nouveau. Un astucieux truquage!»
Le Figaro, Monte Carlo