September 2023 Portrait in German Magic Magazine

July2023 Report at Handelszeitung: Turning hobby into a profession

November 2022 New Video Trailer of Pat Perry's CLOSE Theater

March 2021 Press article to Pat Perrys Online Show "MagicZoom". This show is avalable in english too.

July 2020 Pat Perrys keynote speech "Magic Leadership" as an online experience. Pat builts a bridge from his life as a performance artist to your business world. Communication, motivation, vision and transformation in a refreshing new perspective.  Video-Trailer

March 2020 Pat Perrys Performance at your Video-Conference.

June 2019 Movietrailer of Pat Perrys new show "FIFTY-FIFTY Die Magie der Entscheidung"

November 2017 Videoclips "Facts and Fake" for Direct Day of Swiss Post. Project-details at Frame Factory Site (Producton & Screen Design). Resulting Clips.

March 2017 Swiss Newspaper Tages-Anzeiger conftonts Pat Perry with the President of Swiss Skeptics. Article about this special occation: Tages-Anzeiger: "Selbstversuch des obersten Skeptikers"

January 2017 Premiere of "umdenkbar"
Opening Night of Pat Perry's new Show "umdenkbar" in CLOSE-Theatre.

Januar 2017 Pat Perry in Talkshow "persönlich" at Radio DRS1.

Januar 2015 Portrait inTages-Anzeiger, Zurich Newspaper

January 28 2015 Pat Perry opens his own Theatre in Zurich. CLOSE - Close Up Theatre for Mentalmagic. Tickets avalable online. (actual performances in swiss german)